Tuesday, September 1, 2015

About your new cat?

Two in a Cube: I always Reply All so that we get appropriate buy-in.
I'm reposting a classic Snarky from 2012.  Not because I'm lazy, but because it's timely.  Note the bullet in email storm on Wikipedia for August 26, 2015.  And enjoy the Twitter thread for Reutersreplyallgate or Replyapocalypse.  Take your pick.

May 3, 2012:
As with any large organization there is a high level of complexity involved with managing people. The more you have the harder it gets.  Good management requires effective communication, but sometimes there is limited capacity or desire for such effectiveness.  The result?  Unintended consequences.

Here's a few of my favorite big company unintended consequences:  Clock-watchers, Outsourcing, and one of the more entertaining of the bunch -- Reply-All disasters.  Enjoy.

Snrky: I always reply all so that we get appropriate buy-in.
Title: About your new cat?

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