Thursday, October 17, 2013

I would but my credentials aren't strong enough.

 Although it's rather absurd to ask "is the cloud secure?", there seems to be no shortage of opinions on the matter. Leaving the discussion of what "the cloud" is out of the equation, I am of the opinion that my data is probably more "secure" living on servers in some corporate datacenter that it would be on my own computer because I get redundancy and reliability for "free", plus there's a good chance that the servers on which my data lives are far more difficult to physically steal than say a laptop in my bag.   Obviously there is a very broad spectrum when it comes to providers and "buyer beware" definitely applies.

To me the concern with putting your data in the cloud has much more to do with the motivation/intent of the provider with whom it is entrusted.  If said provider plans to make money through acquiring the data of you and millions of other people it seems rather pointless to fret about some nefarious hacker gaining unauthorized access to the data when the provider is basically giving it away in some form or another.

Title: Did you see the new job posting? They're looking for a Cloud Security Officer. You should apply! 
Snarky: I would but my credentials aren't strong enough. 

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