Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snark Free Day

Jonathan doesn't sound like a Snarky guy.  He sounds more like an ass.  I think we can agree that our snark, as practiced here on Snrky.com, is not Jonathan's snark.  If someone told me "Thanks, Captain Obvious" in a meeting, we'd probably be talking to HR.

Today is Snark Free day. So we'll honor it.  Although I don't think there's any way possible to post a post about Snark Free Day on a blog called Snrky.com and not seem like you're trying to be extra snarky.  I'm not even sure I believe it, and I'm writing it.

“Instead of taking the cheap shot, take the high road,” said Toni Antonetti, a director of PRCG. “People have been emboldened by the anonymity and immediacy of online commenting. On October 22, we’re asking others to commit to taking just a moment before speaking, hitting send or posting to think about the effect our words have on those who receive them. Be snark free for one day.”

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