Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes I think it's a miracle you ever get anything done

Sometimes I think it's a miracle you ever get anything done

So I'm making up for not having an Easter Snarky on Monday, and then duplicating last week's Snarky, by going all sacrilegious.  I could have done an Easter Egg cartoon, as that's very developer-centric, but that seems so overdone.  Maybe next year.  I think Jesus being cross-functional is amusing, partially because of the cross, and partially because you can apply cross-functional to the father, the son, and the holy ghost if you're considering the team aspect.  I'm not sure how that falls out in a metaphor: manager, lead, tester?  More than anything, making an Easter Snarky made me think, how do you go about making an Eastern Orthodox Easter Snarky, as I know a developer who can't work on Eastern Orthodox Easter.  Then I realized I'm my own Snarky, because it's still Easter regardless of the calendar.

Now, it could have been more snarkier.  I originally pondered having the crosses on Calvary and having the robber saying the really annoying statement, and Jesus having the black cloud of annoyance.  But then I realized I'm not the artist of the team, and my stick figure Jesus and robber would look pretty tragic, in a graphical artist sense.  But I can show you my PoC.  Then I realized the whole Calvary thing, though related to Easter, wasn't really what Easter was about.  It was about the cave.

The Mount

So here's my low-fi Easter cave snarky PoC.  Now this might seem very anti-Snrky as there's no place to put the quote.  But pause for a moment, think about one of our management/desk snarkies, and then make the voice of God coming down from above the manager's voice.  Eh?  I think it works.  Something like, "After they rebury you, we'll try again."  Almost worth a New Yorker style caption contest.

Unfortunately, if you're working in black and white primarily via paint, a rock looks just like a hole.
The Cave

Snarky: I think the only programmer who was ever cross-functional was Jesus.
Title: Sometimes I think it's a miracle you ever get anything done

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