Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I'm particularly fond of this Snarky as my daughter and I once discussed writing a Kinect application to read sign language.  We were foiled by the fact that her Kinect was of the generation that didn't have a separate power cord included and having to wait for one from a friend or Amazon is a buzzkill to the enthusiasm of coding something right then and there.

During our discussion about installing the drivers and code, she wondered how giving someone the middle finger would translate.  She's familiar with the finger, despite her young age, as I long ago taught her to count binary on her fingers, and the number four is equivalent to flipping someone the bird.  So we had to have a discussion about being careful about counting binary in public.  It caused her no end of anguish to learn her IQ was 132, because in finger binary, that's a double bird.  So today's comic is brought to you by the mind of an, at the time, seven year old girl.

Snarky: I'm writing a Kinect app. It'll translate your fist shaking and flipping me off into 0s and 1s.
Title: 1

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