Thursday, December 27, 2012

I said yes. If we move to one day iterations.

The PMO said we're moving to two week Agile iterations. Then the PM asked me if I could commit to planned feature work for the next 13 iterations.

I wish this weren't true and a personal experience.  This is what happens when your PMO says they're embracing Agile, but they can't get enough new expertise in the door, or they bring in the wrong, classically-trained, PM expertise, and everything Agile starts to get shoehorned right back into a traditional PMP-driven waterfall/BDUF model that gets all the bad bits of BDUF and none of the good bits (like an actual attempt at a big design - instead you get an "it's only two weeks to worry about" when it's really half a year).  And in the midst of all the confusion, you get the added benefit of trying to replan six months of work over and over and over while attempting to make everyone understand that it's completely unreasonable.  You can just say "I won't do it", and you should, but you have to have the corporate credibility to survive through the finger pointing that you're the only one not keeping up with the planning.

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