Monday, September 17, 2012

Unless you're driving the bus.

One of my most important contributions is my negligible impact on our bus factor.
Thank you folks! It's been a great evening!  We like bus factor humor at  Possibly because one of us was sort of run over by a bus. It's amusing to look back at our first run of this Snrky cartoon as we're coming up on finally republishing all of the original comics with the new artwork.  A friend once said he liked the rough art on the originals, and I used to think I did as well, but when you look at them side by side after this long, the newer ones look so much better.  Not just more artistic, but less confusing as well.  It's obvious what you're looking at when it's not an MS Paint-driven illustration.

I enjoy this particular cartoon, because it's double edged.  A negligible bus factor might actually mean you're a very responsible developer.  But that's not the implication here.  Or if it, it's implied that s/he had nothing to do with it, or is a poor enough developer that it's a natural outcome.  Maybe it's triple edged.

From Wikipedia:

"In software development, a software project's bus factor (also known as truck factor, or bus/truck number) is a measurement of the concentration of information in individual team members. The bus factor is the total number of key developers who would need to be incapacitated (as by getting hit by a bus/truck) to send the project into such disarray that it would not be able to proceed; the project would retain information (such as source code) with which no remaining team member is familiar. A high bus factor means that many developers would need to be removed before the project would necessarily fail."

Title: Unless you're driving the bus.
Snarky: One of my most important contributions is my negligible impact on our bus factor.

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