Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I'd rather be sleeping anyway.

Yes, I know.  You've seen this comic before (twice, actually) but because it's time again for another snrky.com re-boot of sorts (don't call it a pivot) it seems appropriate to re-visit the post that started us on this adventure and provide some insight into what you can expect from us in the near future.

Although, this may have been the first post at snrky.com, it wasn't the first comic we created.  That honor goes to a crudely draw scene not dissimilar to the one you see above with two people discussing "the long pole". Distilled from an email exchange between my co-author and me after a long day of meetings heavy on the 'corporate-speak',  it turns out if you draw a couple stick figures and just write down the things people say at work the jokes practically write themselves.  If you've ever attended a meeting at a company that employes more than a few thousand people, you know what we're talking about.

Once we got a few dozen..er hundred...posts under our belt, we realized that our crude "artwork" wasn't going to cut it and found ourselves a real artist to help us update our comics.  That was reboot #1 and our goal then was to cycle out all the old artwork for the posts we had already done.  We finished last week, so now we're ready for what's next, hence reboot #2.

So what is next, you ask?  Good question.

You might assume that our irreverence w/r/t the world that is corporate IT might give you the impression we think it's only interesting inasmuch as it gives us a punchline day after day, which is true to a degree, but not entirely so.

The fact is, we collectively have years of experience as developers, leads, PMs and managers in a variety of IT organizations and we've come to realize that snrky.com is a perfect outlet for us to start sharing those experiences in the hopes that you might find it beneficial in some way to your career.  If not, we can at least try and make you laugh.

Which brings me to my last point...Wouldn't it be nice if the other thing, besides work, that takes up a thirds of our lives could be done simultaneously?

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