Monday, August 6, 2012

Would you feel better if I +1 you?

You never 'Like' me anymore.

Ouch.  If it weren't for our commitment to republish all our old Snarkies with the new art, I might have circular filed this one (oh yeah, we're going to use annoying office speak where we can, that's part of the charm of Snarky).  Sorry mein co-author, because I think this might be one of yours.  Interestingly, since this Snark was first on the site, Facebook has made a faux pax or two (such as rerouting some of your Facebook-initiated email), and Google+ has picked up the resulting traffic.  At least my own anecdotal evidence indicates as much.  I have to check Google+ now and then to catch up with a few friends, where previously I caught most everything on Facebook and Twitter.

Title: Would you feel better if I +1 you?
Snarky: You never "Like" me anymore.

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