Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it just you and me again?

Two in a Cube: I'm starting a book club.
We jest, but in all reality, starting a book club with your peers, particularly if you are a developer in a big company, is actually a really great idea. It's an opportunity to exercise your brain differently, get to know people a little better, and you might even learn something new.   It doesn't really matter what you read as long as everyone (all three of you) are interested in the topics at hand and are willing to share you opinions on what you read.

A number of years ago, the two of us here behind decided to learn a thing or two about management in what you might call a skunkworks book club and began making our way down this list in addition to anything by this guy.

Title: Is it just you and me again?
Snarky: I'm starting a book club.

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