Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We should get reclining chairs

The PM told me to 'take it offline.' I think that means I'm supposed to tell you about it instead.

Taking if Offline or "Put it in the parking lot" are common phrases if you do a lot of big company meetings.  With a good PM, it truly means follow up discussion.  With a less capable PM, it means, let's never talk about that again.  A bad PM, let's never talk about that again because I don't understand it.

Unrelated, I think back to a post by Joel Spolsky when he quit blogging and he chose to call it, "Let's Take This Offline".  I wonder how much quicker he would have been to give up if he were sinking time into a stick figure comic...
"The big-hit technology companies from the past 10 years tend to have pathetic blogs. Twitter's blog, like Facebook's and Google's, is full of utterly boring press releases rewritten to sound a little bit less stuffy. Apple's employees produce virtually no blogs, even though the company has introduced several game-changing new products in the past decade. Meanwhile, hundreds of Microsoft's employees have amazing blogs, but these have done nothing to stave off that company's slide into stodginess."
Title:  We should get reclining chairs
Snarky: The PM told me to "take it offline." I think that means I'm supposed to tell you about it instead.


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