Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Cosmological Principle of Inner Joins

Two in a cube: How many inner joins do you have to have before you reach the edge of the universe and find one outer join?  Our last intern left us a hint.  It's more than six.
I remember the first time I logged into the database of the first project at my first job out of school.  No joke, my first thought was "how does all of this not just crash and burn?!". 

Now, I didn't think this because it was badly designed, or poorly constructucted, I mean WTF did I know? I was basically still an intern at this point.  Primarily it was just a more complicated a database structure than I'd ever really imagined one could (or would) build. 

I was surprised a couple weeks later to learn that my question had been answered -- it does.

Apparently interns aren't always as dumb as their code might betray.

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