Tuesday, April 29, 2014

That's a good idea. Was it your stupid *^*(%-ing idea?

As a pivot goal for your midyear review, I'd like you to practice giving a compliment before you ask someone a   question.

Update: Tweaked the snark.  I had an extra word in there.

Back after a month and I go right for something blunt.  No finesse at all.  I heard this approach used several times in large meeting, and the ego involved that requires a compliment before a potentially tough question just sort of floors me.  This approach doesn't work on me to the best of my knowledge.  I just want you to get to the damn point.  I have heard about the compliment sandwich before for reviews.  Compliment.  Criticism/Growth Point.  Compliment.  When someone does it to you and you know what they're doing, they might as well be feeding you a shit sandwich given how condescending it becomes at that point.  I teach people I work with to watch for managers giving compliment sandwiches.  They should know to avoid them and find managers who are actually engaged with their team.

Snarky: As a pivot goal for your midyear review, I'd like you to practice giving a compliment before you ask someone a question.
Title: That's a good idea.  Was it your stupid *^*(%-ing idea?


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