Friday, April 12, 2013

Any weekend plans?

Is that a trick question?

Now there is evidence that having a best friend at work does wonders for retaining good employees, but not every relationship in the office will be so healthy.  Often, particularly when there are competing priorities  deadlines, history among co-workers, and office politics at play, innocuous comments can really be hard to parse.  But maybe there is hope.

Title: Any weekend plans?
Snarky: Is that a trick question?

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  1. Are you going to tell your boss you're dissatisfied and get put in charge of a $3 billion division? I suspect that isn't the norm. Reminds me of one of the business management parable books I once read where the guy broke his leg skiing, so he bought a pizza business. Didn't really seem parallel to my level in my career.

    What do you think of mentors? I find it perplexing. As you move into management roles, the number of people you can engage as a mentor shrinks, meaning the personalities of those individuals take on a greater significance, meaning you might not particularly like them. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say, you don't expect your path, based on your personality and skills, to parallel their path as a way forward. I guess they serve as a foil in that respect.