Friday, April 13, 2012

You're talking about my PoC, aren't you?

You're talking about my PoC, aren't you?

It's Friday the 13th!  Personally, I think that hour falling backward, or for leap year adjustment, is unluckier.  Particularly if you're on support.  And maybe I should have put a hockey mask on the project manager.

This cartoon makes me wonder whether it's as funny to agile developers as it is to those of us who have had a long history of BDUF (big design up front) projects.  I suspect it is, as on my agile projects I've had PoCs, even post spike, head to production as the core code, only to have to redo the frameworks later to account for performance, early design decisions, and other concerns.  While agile incorporates refactoring and a change of direction as part of the agile process, it still aggravates developers to have to rewrite large swaths of code because not enough was known up front or because UI/functionality decisions invalidate the framework at a later point (although that's a good thing, as long as your business sticks to the capacity rules and accepts estimates that include the refactoring at the expense of other features...or account for hiring).  I like the spike idea that you don't code with the purpose of reuse, but focus on a similar, but different enough, use case that the code is disposed of in the end to avoid the PoC to Prod conundrum.

Snarky: Your new site looks great! Let's go to production with it next week.
Title: You're talking about my PoC, aren't you?

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