Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crawl, walk, run...

Snarky: It's not the same without you here.
Today's post is nonsense. I know, but it's not without reason...

Given the nature of the content here at snrky.com, you may not know that there are actually two of us contributing to content to the site. You will come to learn in the coming weeks that one of us is far more prolific than the other because this past weekend my co-contributor and good friend (the prolific one) was in a serious car accident and is currently in a medically induced coma awaiting a gauntlet of surgeries followed by weeks of recovery and months of PT to get back to normal.  The good news is that 'back to normal' is on the table which isn't always the case for people with similar experiences.  Regardless, this is not the kind of news anyone wants to receive about a good friend. It sucks, actually.

I started this post today, as I usually do when it's my week, by looking to our shared list of ideas (an email account where we both dump ideas) and the last email he sent in just said  "Crawl, walk, run". I know it makes no sense as the title to this comic but it felt appropriate given the timing and how well it describes what awaits him when he wakes up.

The comic itself has actually been on the 'to-do' list since we started this experiment and it's (much less somber) origins can be traced back to a night where we were at a show at First Ave in Minneapolis, I don't even remember who was playing but we were standing behind a couple of guys, one of whom got unceremoniously bounced out of the show for some sort of inappropriate behavior. Shocking, I know. Of course the 'friend' decided that he was better off staying at the show instead of following his friend out, but he was nice enough to text him to let him know that "it wasn't the same without you here".  We hadn't ever figured out a good way to work that into a snrky comic, but it seems appropriate today.  

Things will definitely be very different around here for awhile....


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