Monday, September 19, 2011

Mixin' Up the Titles and an Upcoming Visual Reboot

Last week, I had a difficult time with the titles on the cartoons. In the end, I had several options for each panel, and had to pick the one I liked best. This week, I'm rerunning the same panels, but with different titles. My runner-ups. That's right; Snarky is going all New Yorker (tm) "supply your own punchline" this week. That doesn't mean these are less or more funny than those from last week. They're different. In the end, my choice around what's funniest isn't necessarily what everyone else thinks is most amusing. If you have a preference, let me know which one from each week is your choice as a winner. Snarky has some exciting news this week. We've - yes, yes, I switched from I to we, Snarky is a finely tuned pair of humorists - finally finished some negotiations with a real artist and we'll be updating the cartoons to look more professional. I'm sure it wasn't obvious, but our focus has always been the titles and punchlines, not the aesthetics of the stick figures. Soon we'll be cleaning up our backlog and publishing the newest comics in a visually appealing style. Snarky will be something we won't have a problem with putting on a coffee cup for friends and family. - Snarky

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