Friday, February 25, 2011

No, it wasn't laundry day

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  1. I've usually had a change of clothes and toiletries squirreled away somewhere in my workspace. In the cabinet or in the filing drawer (underwear filed under "u" or "j" for jockies?). I have made use of them before, although I tend to wander around the next day in a daze.

    There was a trivia question - Family Feud style - at a picnic several years ago where the category was "longest work stint" and there were some outliers in the 36 hours range. I think I was one of them when we were taking down external mail servers. The fix and follow up with clients was only about 8 hours. The statistical gathering and reporting out to incident management and C-level management was the additional 24-28 hours. Fortunately it started on a Friday, so the Saturday was uninterrupted number crunching without someone looking over my shoulder.